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Pitchers - What They Don't Like


Lengo - Life In X
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Exclusives & Specials:
Lengo - Life In X BUY
Cat#: GT-010
Pitchers - What They Dont Like BUY
Label: Dropout
Cat#: DROP 0783-6
Free Party Anthems Numero Dos BUY
Label: Free Party Anthems
Cat#: FPA002
Wasi Distorsion vs. David Traya - Trance X Periment BUY
Label: Distrito Records
Cat#: DST002
Speedwave - Junior BUY
Label: Green Force
Cat#: GEE 057
Free Party Anthems Numero Uno BUY
Label: Free Party Anthems
Cat#: FPA001
Club Disciples - Fly BUY
Label: Red Alert
Cat#: RED 204
Tommy Pulse - Cold Days BUY
Label: Stealth Industries
Cat#: STIND 001
Speedwave - The Hardstyle Factory BUY
Label: Green Force
Cat#: GEE 047
Hardnation - Humanoid BUY
Label: Hardnation Records
Cat#: HN001
Kamasutra Feat. Marzio Dance - Tribe Of Kamasutra BUY
Label: Dance Pollution
Cat#: POLL 197
A.fter M.idnight & Bace - Time Machine BUY
Label: i-maxx Records
Cat#: I-MAXX 014
DJ Visage - Thunder BUY
Label: Hitland
Cat#: HTL 02.06
Builder - Skyscraper BUY
Label: Dance Pollution
Cat#: POLL 227
DJ Session One - No Gravity BUY
Label: Blutonium Records
Cat#: BLU 035
Soundgrabber - Acidfighter BUY
Label: Pulsive
Cat#: PULSIVE 014
Wavescope - Emotion BUY
Label: Axwax Records
Cat#: AXWAX 2014
LaCargo Limited Vinyl Sampler Series:

DM LTD 018
LaCargo German Classics EP
A1: Gollum & Yanny - Storyteller (Beachhouse Mix)
A2: Cocooma - Nothing Is Over (Club Mix)
B1: Da Cute - The Dog (Arrowhead Remix)
B2: DJ Slideout - Leave Us Alone (LaCargo Remix)



DM LTD 016
LaCargo Hot Score EP
A1: Black Money  - White Powder (Accenter & Three O Remix)
A2: Stomper vs. E-Wald - Ka-Wumm!
B1: NDO vs. Franky KayDee - Bing! Bong!
B2: Accenter & Three O - Outsiders (Original Club Mix)



DM LTD 014
LaCargo Most Wanted
A1: Sugar - The Allchemist
A2: S.O.N.U.S. - The Center
B1: Sincity - The Journey
B2: XLS - Destruction



DM LTD 012
Super Space / Los Bonitos:
DJ Dean vs. Cocooma
A1: Super Space - Trance Force
A2: Super Space - Tube Racer
B1: Los Bonitos - Hand In Hand
B2: Los Bonitos - The Lights



DM LTD 010
Max B. Grant
A1: Max B. Grant - Beeping (Philippe Rochard & Tom La Roche Long Mix)
B1: Max B. Grant - Beeping (Original Mix)



DM LTD 008
A1: Aponaut - Neuropath
B1: Aponaut - Quantum Shift




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